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Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

What is Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Often referred as DOOH, it is an expanding medium of media platform with the ability to reach every individual outside their home in a dynamic and creative manner.

With our innovative technologies, we now offer a digital platform in the out-of-home industry. Clients are able to use rich media ads to create attractive, eye-catching and vibrant advertorials.
Vbrant Media works hard in their R&D to help clients maximize the potential to fully communicate marketing messages to their clients.

DOOH is the way to go
  • It enhance the recognition of your TV and brand awareness campaign.
  • Indonesian spends a significant amount of time out-of-home because of the traffic, there is no better way to communicate and attract your brand to your audience during that time.
  • Ability to reach a huge amount of audience with our prime Outdoor advertising spots.
  • Creating an impact. Rich media content vs static content in traditional advertising.
  • Ability to change your ad creatives in real time.
  • With our innovative solutions for data-tracking, clients are able to see what real-time data statistics.
  • A new communication solution for advertisers.
  • Connect with your audience.
  • Modern and innovative.
  • High level of proximity.

Kindly contact us for more information.